Brentano’s Tree Farm

Brentano's Tree Farm

Brentano's Tree Farm is a family owned WHOLESALE nursery specializing in the production of top quality trees. They produce ornamentals and conifers B&B in sizes of 3-4' and above. They also produce container grown shade, flowering and fruit trees in #7, #15 and #25 pots. Their container trees are grown in a pot-in-pot system providing their customers with the very best quality trees at any time of year.

They currently produce over 250 varieties of trees and they consider quality to be the most important aspect of their production. They sweat the details from proper planting depth to pruning shade trees to an outside bud. They take pride in their ability to deliver a superior product.

5009 Davidson Rd NE
St. Paul, OR 97137

Phone: 503.633.8733
Fax: 503.633.2027

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